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LOVE Kiki Kannibal?  Hate her?  It dosn't matter how you feel about her to join this community!  Its simply for those interested in Kiki discussion and news.  We are dedicated to getting to the bottom of rumors and figuring out the truth.  Please join the community, you won't be disappointed!


She likes to conform to everyone she thinks would be friends with her.  But in reality, no one wants to be friends with a manly looking girl.  She also stalked this one girl for a while, and now she insists that she's bi.  Really, no guy would want to fuck her.

Sorry sweetie, but girls don't want you either.

odd request.

can anyone tell me who these girls are or where this photo originated from. i found this one on perez hilton and i'm pretty sure it's photoshopped...thanks! fuck rehabCollapse )

so this girl

she fucking acts like shes my friend all the time but you can never trust her. she took the guy i like and fucking like.. corrupted him. he doesn't remember me even, i haven't talked to him since. now her best friend is dating him and the other day my friend, who is friends with her, tells me that he fingered her and they've fucked and etc. last time i talked to him he told me he'd never been kissed even. he didn't lie about it. fucking wow. and the other day i found out there is n00ds of her floating around picture messages at our school. and guess what? THAT FUCKING MADE HER MORE KNOWN AROUND THE SCHOOL. PEOPLE DONT CARE. IF ME OR MY FRIENDS WOULD HAVE DONE THAT (which i never would omfg :| ew) THEN I WOULD BE RIDICULED AND HATED UNTIL I GRADUATE AND PROBABLY AFTER. YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU.
fuck you.


She can't find herself, she changes every fucking year just to get friends.  Everything I do she has to do better.  She has no sense of security whatsoever and doesn't know anything about what she thinks she knows.

She'll pick a band that I happen to like or that someone she wants to become friends with likes and do research so she can sound soooo informed when really she's just a fucking poseur.


She's not only trying to be 'scene', but she neglects her child that she does share with my boyfriend [yeah, i know, he has baggage, thats not the point.]She's a horrible mother, she spends no time with her kid and always dumps her off at his house so she can go get 'trashed' or go to the show.  She thinks she's hot, she's really not. She ...ugh, just look for yourself.


this "cur·va·ceous" bitch tried to pick a fight when i spoiled the ending of harry potter.

she didnt have to read it if she didnt want to know. people where asking what happened so i finally posted a bulletin and little miss "hiatus" has to say im an ass.

convo. shes Collapse )
This girl used my friend to meet PETE WENTZ(for the fifth or something time) and bragged to her how she got to interview bands at Warped Tour. Then she tried to do the same to me when I honestly don't care who the heck she meets or not.
She has the worst extentions and conducts the worst interviews I've ever seen in my life.
She says "like" and "a lot" way too many times in an interview and she undresses the members with her eyes.
After she met Gabe of Cobra Starship, she called her friend and bragged to her. HONESTLY YOU DON'T DO THAT WHEN THE MEMBER IS THREE FEET AWAY FROM YOU. Did I mention she also gave him her ~buisness card~ because his public relations person cancelled on her? I wonder why.
this fat cow is annoying as hell.

all she freaking talks about is how he clit/vagina hurts and how everyone is so ugly.
gosh she makes me sick. i cant stand her.
uhh her and her little anorexic bitch friend have had it out for me ever since i gave up my friendship with her friend because she was being a complete jerkoff to me.
some people...